STEM Education

Customized STEM Curriculum Development

Innovative Educational Solutions Institute, Inc. will provide consulting for STEM curriculum development. Consulting will be provided to area public and private schools. The organization intends to charge for consulting according to standard rates ($50 to $75 per hour) used by 501(c) (3) organizations in the educational arena. We will also adjust the fee downward according to what the schools can afford.

Schools will contact Innovative Educational Solutions Institute, Inc. to help with curriculum development. To provide consulting services, the organization will first meet with the school to review their current STEM curriculum. From there, we will work with the school to develop effective STEM curriculum, especially for robotics and alternative technology. During the consulting process, the organization will target STEM curriculum to the industries in that school’s region.

STEM Seminars and Conferences

IESI will host seminars in which it trains teachers so they have the ability to teach STEM courses. This will enables teachers to write, implement, and deliver STEM curriculum. Typically, IESI will hold seminars once per year during the summer months. Seminars will each generally be a couple weeks in length. The organization will hold the seminars at area schools, colleges, and in our own space once obtained.

In the future, IESI intends to hold its own STEM conferences that will include practical, research, education, etc. Conferences will typically last two to three days and include activities to introduce teachers and administrators to STEM curriculum. The frequency of conferences will depend upon organization funds and demand. The organization may hold conferences at technical colleges, high schools, or conference centers.


Innovative Educational Solutions Institute, Inc. will publish and own the rights to a book written by the founders. The book will discuss justifications for implementation STEM instruction, successes from STEM instruction, sample curriculum, STEM curriculum using multiple intelligences (using different learning techniques), STEM activities, developing and implementing STEM in schools, etc. Most likely the organization will distribute it as an e-book to reduce costs (sell it on website and sites such as Amazon). The organization may distribute the book as an e-book, as well as a physical book. For physical book distribution, the organization may contract an independent publishers who handle distribution and marketing.